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About Us

Set among the buzz of fast-paced Arusha, Tanzania, where towering Mount Meru forms its extraordinary backdrop, Sidai Designs is an exciting social enterprise, creating contemporary luxury beaded jewelry, based on traditional Maasai beading techniques and design.

Founded in 2011, Sidai Designs supports Maasai women by providing economic empowerment through fair trade. Tremendous hope and a sense of purpose has been achieved through the preservation and development of indigenous knowledge, traditional artistry and creativity. Sidai Designs is passionate in its mission to overcome poverty and improve women’s social standing, believing that artisanal design led handcraft is a powerful tool to bring about positive change. Sidai Designs has enabled increased access to health and education services for Maasai women and their families.

Sidai Designs jewelry is created entirely by hand using a combination of ingeniously upcycled products. Traditional glass beads are intricately joined using thread salvaged from old grain bags and enhanced with recycled metal beads, old canisters and yoghurt pots to create the boning and luxury soft leather and sterling silver to create simple, elegant fastenings. In addition, Sidai Designs supports local artisanal businesses, working with a number of craftspeople to make individual components for the jewelry and the packaging for our products.

Inspired by the symbolic cultural significance of the Maasai jewelry, each piece tells a story. Jewelry is an integral element of the Maasai identity and through our products, we endeavor to tell their stories and preserve the traditions of this unique tribe.

ASHE NALENG: "Thank you" in Maa (tribal language of the Maasai) and don't forget to spread the word!