Modern, handmade accessories with a story.
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At Sidai one of our missions is the preservation of Maasai culture through prolonging the life of traditional crafts. A key aspect of Maasai culture is also the respect for the land and its wild inhabitants, which the Maasai live alongside harmoniously. 

Through this collection, we extend our efforts to preserve Maasai culture by supporting a local conservation group we believe is doing positive work in protecting Tanzanian land and wildlife.

20% of each product sold from this collection goes to a local organisation in Tanzania that works to ensure wildlife and wild places are secure and that the communities that live nearby, largely the Maasai, can continue to co-exist without conflict.

With a purchase from this collection, not only are you creating work for Maasai women, but you are now supporting the preservation of their home.

Ashe Naleng :: Thank you for helping to protect our world & our future!