Modern, handmade accessories with a story.
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Inspired by the distinctive delicate curves used in adornments of Maasai women, combined with the shimmering shillingini and arrow pendants quintessential to Maasai jewelry, we introduce our Warrioress Collection.

Traditional Maasai designs have been transcended into a contemporary collection of elegant beaded silver frames, entirely handmade by the first female Maasai silversmiths in our workshop in Tanzania.

Our silversmith workshop was dreamt up to raise aspiration for our beaders by up-skilling them to learn a new trade. We received generous funding, which allowed us to set up a studio space dedicated to this new creative journey for the women.

In Tanzania, using tools, fire and chemicals is widely considered men’s work. Our artisans were of the same thinking as they first began cutting metal, until they realised they could create beautiful pieces from basic elements. This inspired, encouraged and excited them, motivating them to continue learning traditional silversmith techniques such as filing, annealing, soldering, buffing and polishing. As a result of their determination, we have produced a stunning, unique, handmade collection.

Warrioress is a name that symbolises the journey of these beaders into silversmiths. It is a name that celebrates the strength of Maasai women in general, one that is often overshadowed by the strength of the men, or Warriors, that they look after quietly in the background. The shapes and elements are the closest to traditional Maasai jewelry that Sidai has ever created in any of our collections, so we dedicate this collection to the strong women who have traditionally worn these shapes for decades.