Sidai Designs

Sidai Designs is an organization that supports Maasai women in northern Tanzania by collaborating with them to create and market high-end beaded jewelry based on traditional beading techniques that are infused with modern aesthetics.

Our jewelry is created entirely by hand using old grain bags to create the thread, old plastic boxes to create the boning, and Ethiopian recycled aluminum for the clasp beads and sterling silver.

Our aim is to provide hope and a sense of purpose using traditional artistry and creativity. It's our belief that sustainable employment will help overcome poverty, improve the womens' social standing and increase their access to health and educational services, eventually helping their communities.

Proceeds from our jewelry are used to provide social services to the women, such as literacy, health, language and legal courses.

Your purchase helps break a terrible cycle of poverty for the Maasai women and their families.

ASHE NALENG: "Thank you" in Maa (tribal language of the Maasai) and don't forget to spread the word!


Our jewelry is entirely handcrafted. For our bracelets we use recycled grain bags to create the thread, recycled plastic boxes to create the boning, and recycled aluminum or sterling silver for the clasps. Tanzanian made Kitenge fabric is added to some of our necklace designs. Each piece is slightly different and one of a kind.